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Revision Skincare Favorites


Today I am sharing my favorite Revision Skincare products. Revision Skincare is a Medical Grade skincare line that is results based with high concentrations of ingredients that will actually improve and change your skin. I try tons of Skincare lines and products and you know I would never steer you in the wrong direction! I take my skincare seriously and want to make sure you are getting the best results for your money. One thing I wanted to address, when buying skincare online make sure you are purchasing from authorized retailers. Most Skincare websites will have a section that looks like this stating places that are NOT authorized to sell their products and are probably fake.

revision authorized retailers.png

I will link directly to the products from an authorized retailer :) You can also head to their website and search for a medical professional near you. Since revision is a Medical Grade line it is sold at Dermatology offices and Med Spa locations.

My Favorite Revision Products

  1. Papaya Enzyme Cleanser - I have used this product for 6 months now. First of all this stuff smells AMAZING. It is a liquid consistency and foams up nicely. My skin truly feels clean and bright after using this. The Papaya Fruit Extract contains Papain, an enzyme that gently exfoliates for naturally vibrant skin. It is not harsh at all but leaves your skin clear and even. I love using this in the morning. Main things this cleanser does:

    1. Gently polishes away dead surface cells

    2. Nourishes skin with Papaya Extract, rich in vitamins and minerals

    3. Cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural moisture content

  2. Hydrating Serum - This is a Hyularonic acid serum that is oil free and lightweight. I will use this in the morning or at night underneath my moisturizer if I feel that I need some extra hydration. This also helps with plumping up the skin which in turn helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

  3. Intellishade Original- This is one of my favorite SPFs to use on no make-up days. I use the Original formula in the winter when my skin is dry and I like the matte version for the summer time. If you are more oily I would use the matte version! The glow this stuff gives your skin is awesome and it helps to even out your skin tone while protecting you from the sun.

  4. The Black Mask- Currently my all time favorite mask. This mask uses Silt derived from European freshwater lakes to purify and soothe your skin. This mask is good for all skin types and helps to reduce the appearance of pores as it clears them out. Your skin truly feels so smooth after using it. If you try one thing I recommend here, try this! You can use this up to two times weekly.

  5. Revox 7 - This is a peptide rich serum for expression lines. If you have those annoying lines on your forehead, around your eyes, by your mouth etc and you do not want to or cannot get Botox this is a great alternative! I use the smallest amount of this and ONLY put it on my areas that have the fine lines. This helps to plump them up and make them less visible. I use this morning and night.

  6. Nectifirm Advanced - Okay I saved the most trans-formative product for last. This is a product for your neck and chest and it helps to diminish the fine lines and wrinkles as well as firm the skin in these areas. I have been using this product for a little over 3 weeks now and I see huge changes personally. I use this morning and night. See my before and after picture after only 3 weeks below.



Products Mentioned

I hope this was helpful! These are products I truly love and use and see true results from. If you try any of these out please let me know what you think!



Amazon Favorites

Hey Friends!

I am finally rounding up my Amazon favorites for you all. Just click on each photo to check out the items. Id love to hear your Amazon picks as well so please send them to me on Instagram!

Current Favorite Skin Care Masks

Sharing my current favorite skincare masks with you today! I don’t love to keep a ton on hand at one time as they expire quickly before I can get through them. I try to finish one before I get a new one. I try to mask a couple of times a week and pick which mask I’m going to use that night based on the current state of my skin. I’ve listed below what each mask does and why I like them! Just click each photo to shop the mask if you are interested.



After Christmas Sales!

I have rounded up my favorites from some of the after Christmas sales! I will continue to add to this post so be sure to check back later tonight too. If you got money or gift cards for Christmas and are wanting to spice up your wardrobe for the new year now is the time! I love taking this time to go through my closet to get rid of things I don’t love anymore and adding in new things that I love to start off the new year feeling confident. Below are my picks. Just click on each item to shop.

Happy Shopping!



Winter Make up and Skincare Favorites

Sharing some of my go to products for Winter skin! I get very dry skin in the winter so I have to switch up my products I’m using to fight the flaky and dull looking skin. These make up and skincare products help to keep my skin glowing and hydrated.

Ill start off with make up. I’ve added all of my favorite products for winter. The hourglass powders and bronzers are amazing for dry skin. They are the secret to glowing skin for me. The Too Faced born this way foundation and translucent powder are my go to for my dry skin as well. See all my picks below!

Listing my skincare/ lip care products below. My lips get super dry in the winter time so exfoliating them and putting this sleeping mask or the Image lip complex on are game changers. For me its also important to keep my skin exfoliated. I use the cleanser I’ve listed below to keep my skin flake free and smooth. I’ve also included under eye patches I love, thermal spring water to spray on your face to keep the moisture in, the best hyaluronic acid and more! You can click on any photo to shop the item.

I hope this was helpful!




Hey Friends!

I’m going to round up some of my favorite sales happening for Cyber Monday just like I did for Black Friday and i’m going to end with a gift guide at the bottom! I’m going to stick to gifts under $50. I hope this is helpful! If you find any great sales I haven't shared be sure to email me or message me :).

LOFT - 50% off everything AND free shipping- use code “CYBER” at check out - shop here

Here are some of my favorites from Loft:

ABERCROMBIE - 50% off everything and extra 15% off coats, no code required - shop here

Here are some of my picks from Abercrombie:

NORDSTROM- 60% off select pieces - shop here

Here are some of my new picks from the Nordstrom Sale

AMERICAN EAGLE - 40% off everything and free shipping and 50% off sweaters - shop here

ALO YOGA - 30% off full priced items and 70% off sale items - shop here

ANTHROPOLOGIE - 30% off everything (I would get the Capri Blue candles) - Shop here

BAUBLE BAR - 35% off everything - shop here

Bauble Bar picks linked here

TARTE COSMETICS - up to 60% off everything - shop here

NATIVE DEODORANT - 25% off everything - shop here

SIGMA BEAUTY - this is where I get all my make up brushes - 35% off everything - shop here

ERIN CONDREN - 30% off everything - get yourself the best planner for the new year! I just got mine and i’m obsessed - shop here

CHARLOTTE TILBURY- gifts sets 33-50% off - shop here

POTTERY BARN - Between 25-75% off site wide - shop here

CRATE AND BARREL- 20% off everything, some furniture 40% off and free shipping - shop here

JCREW - 50% off everything 60% off sale - shop here

Here are some of my Jcrew picks

Sephora - Up to 50% off-. shop here


I included things for him and her and all under $50! Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

Black Friday Deals

Sharing all the retailers that I shop from that are having Black Friday sales as well as some of my picks. Lets do this!

Express - 50% off everything and extra deals on women’s sweaters and men’s dress shirts - Shop here

Here are some of my Express Picks

Abercrombie - 50% off everything - Shop here

Here are some of my Abercrombie picks

Nordstrom - up to 60% off select items - Shop here

Here are some of my Nordstrom picks

Loft - 50% off everything and free shipping - Shop here

Here are some of my Loft picks

Target - Random door buster sales - Shop here

Here are some of Ross and I’s picks from Target

Old Navy - 50% off everything- Shop here

Here are some of my Old Navy Picks

Sephora - $15 and under sale tab. I’ve linked that tab here

Cole Haan - 50% off 400+ styles - Shop here

Walmart- door buster sales - shop here

Here are some of our picks from Walmart

Anthropologie - 30% off everything (I would get the Capri Blue candles) - Shop here

Gap - 50% off everything - Shop here

Alo Yoga - 30% off full priced items and 70% off sale items - shop here

Aerie - 40% off everything and free shipping - shop here

American Eagle - 40% off everything and free shipping - shop here

Dicks Sporting Goods - 25% off everything - shop here

Here are some of Ross’s picks

Madewell - 25% off your purchase - shop here

Kendra Scott - 20% off all purchases, 25% off $100, 30% off $200 or more - Shop here

Ulta - door buster sales - shop the sale page here

Jcrew - 50% off everything - shop here

Here are some of my Jcrew picks

Bauble Bar - 30% off everything - shop here

Bauble Bar picks linked here

Banana Republic Outlet - 60% off everything - shop here

H&M - 30% off everything - shop here

Forever 21 - 30% off everything! - shop here

Dermstore - up to 30% off - shop here

Goodnight Macaroon - between 30-50% off depending on how much you spend - shop here

Tarte Cosmetics - 30% off everything - shop here

Pottery Barn - 25% off site wide - shop here

Native Deodorant - get $10 off $30 - shop here

Crate and Barrel - 20% off everything, some furniture 40% off and free shipping - shop here

Sigma Beauty - this is where I get all my make up brushes - 30% off everything - shop here

Charlotte Tilbury- gifts sets 33-50% off - shop here

Erin Condren - 30% off everything - get yourself the best planner for the new year! I just got mine and i’m obsessed - shop here

My BBL Treatment Experience

Hi Everyone!

This post is all things BBL! I recently got my second BBL Treatment at Monarch Plastic Surgery here in KC. I loved my results so I wanted to share a little more information on this treatment.

What is BBL and what does it treat?

BBL stands for Broad Band Light and is a laser treatment you can get for you face, chest, neck and hands. BBL treats things like age spots, sun damage, sun induced freckles, and birth marks to name a few. I got it to help reverse some sun damage and acne scaring I have developed over the years to make my skin tone more even.

How does it work?

This is a little over my head so I’m going to quote the Monarch website here:

“The unique BBL technology sends a broad spectrum of therapeutic light into the skin. During treatment, the target tissue responds to the heat energy, which is absorbed without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center uses BBL therapy from Forever Young BBL, the only device that has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with visible signs of aging. With regular Forever Young BBL treatments, patients' skin looks clearer, smoother, and much younger.”

You can check out the full page on BBL on Monarchs Website here.

What to expect

The treatment itself doesn’t take long at all. I would say mine took about 20 minutes each time. I will warn you… it does hurt a little. It feels like a rubber band lightly snapping on your face. Certain areas hurt worse than others but overall its a very short lived pain and nothing terrible but did make my eyes water a couple of times and I’m pretty sure you can ask for numbing cream if you are nervous about it. Right after my skin felt fine but was red both times. It calmed down after about an hour. Over the next 7-10 days your dark spots you were treating will get darker and come to the surface of your skin. This process is called peppering. These spots will eventually form a scab like texture and they will flake off and then your dark spots are gone or either dramatically faded! This process is honestly really cool. You can put make up on over them and no one really noticed the darker spots and flaking except for me. There is no downtime with this treatment which is amazing. I have a full time job so I don’t have time for treatments that have a long recovery process. Depending on how severe your dark spots or issues you are wanting to get treated are will depend on how many sessions you need to see the results you are wanting. I saw amazing results after one treatment! But I have a few areas I wanted treated an extra time. This is something you could get done once a year to keep your skin clear, younger looking and smooth.

How much does it cost?

Monarch is having a November special that includes a chemical peel and a BBL Treatment for $315. A full face BBL normally on its own is $350 for a treatment at Monarch.

*To book with Monarch you can call 913-317-9386*

I hope that was helpful! Head to my Instagram to see videos and photos of my skin post treatment! I have a BBL highlight saved to my profile.



Pajama Guide!

I am pajama obsessed and if you have followed me for any amount of time you have probably figured that out. During this season I am even more obsessed with pajamas if that is even possible :). I wanted to pull together some affordable pajama options you could grab for yourself or for a loved one as a gift! I’ve included slippers and robes as well. If you want to shop any of these items just simply click the photo! Happy Holidays!



Keratin Hair Treatment Experience

Hi Friends and welcome back!

I recently got a Keratin hair treatment at the Glossary Salon. I wanted to share this treatment and experience with you because I feel like this could help a lot of people. Keratin treatments help to smooth frizz and leave your hair sleek and beautiful. I have very curly, frizzy hair naturally so my hair dresser Leah suggested this treatment to help me better manage and control my frizz. I will take you through step by step so you know what to expect when getting a Keratin treatment at the Glossary.

What to expect

step 1- clarify the hair. They will wash your hair and make sure its super clean.

step 2- apply the product in small sections. They used a small brush and comb and combed the product through my wet hair.

step 3- blow dry the product into your hair

step 4 - flat iron the product into hair in small sections

step 5 - rewash and blow out

Then you are done! And you walk out with super smooth sleek beautiful hair. Glossary Salons Keratin treatment is different because you do not have to wait 48 hours to get your hair wet again like most Keratin treatments. You leave with the finished product and you have easy frizz free, easy to maintain hair. Your hair will stay smooth and sleek from this treatment for 4-6 months after the application. I will continue to get this treatment at least twice a year. It is so much easier to blow dry and style my hair.


allow 2-3 hours for this treatment. The time will vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair.


$275 at the Glossary Salon

If you want to try out a Keratin Treatment at the Glossary you can mention my name and you will get a free shampoo and conditioner. What a great time to treat yourself to smooth, frizz free hair for the Holidays :). I hope this was helpful!

*Book your appointment by calling the Glossary at 913.725.8520*

Or book online using this link


Clarifying process

Clarifying process

the solution and brush they use

the solution and brush they use

they section off the hair to make sure the solution coats all of the hair

they section off the hair to make sure the solution coats all of the hair

Very Thankful for Leah and her team!

Very Thankful for Leah and her team!


Pre Black Friday Sales!

Hey there! And happy Monday. Several of my favorite stores are having really awesome pre-black Friday sales so I rounded up some of my favorites from each site! I will be covering black Friday deals all this week so subscribe to my blog if you haven’t yet so you don’t miss anything!

Abercrombie is having 50% off of certain Items. Here are my picks!

Next up is Express. They are having 50% off everything and free shipping. Here are some items on my wish list.

And last sale I’m covering today is Loft! Everything is 40% off. If you want to see me in these items I just recently did a try on session and everything is linked on my LikeToKnowIt page here:

Just click on the photo of the item you are loving and it will take you directly to that retailer to shop! As always thank you so much for using my links. Talk to you soon!



Gift Guide for Her

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share some goodies that I love and would make a great gift for a friend, mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, whoever! And I included some things that I have on my wish list! I will do a gift guide for him next. If you think of any other types of gift guides you would like to see from me please let me know!



Belle Vogue Bridal

Hi everyone!

This post is for all my KC brides and future KC brides! This was so fun to write and share with you all. I am sharing all about Belle Vogue Bridal today. The options they have in the store, what the store looks like, the dress options they have, events coming up.. everything! Belle Vogue is actually where I got my wedding dress at almost 5 years ago so this place has a special place in my heart :). They have designers such as Stella York, Essense of Australia, and Martina Liana. Belle Vogue is actually the only place you can get these designers in the KC area. They also have bridesmaid dresses as well! Belle Vogue has a wide variety of dress options and styles and I’ll show you some of my favorites below :). Everyone at Belle Vogue is super helpful and kind and they make this process so smooth, and I can speak from experience! I went to around 7 dress shops total when I was searching for my dress and Belle Vogue was by far my favorite. It was the first place I went to and nothing else compared after that appointment. I love that you can see all of the dresses yourself and go through the racks to help decide what you want to try on. I was more of a hands on bride and didn’t love the places where they went back into a secret room and pulled things they thought you might like, Belle Vogue was more my style. I also got my belt and veil from here as well. They have so many great options and it was nice to be able to try everything on together before purchasing it. I also found that Belle Vogue had really great prices. Each of the three designers are at a different price point. My dress was actually under budget and I loved it so much. I’ll share some pictures of my dress which was a Stella York dress and a ton of photos from my recent visit to Belle Vogue. The dresses are beautiful and made me want to be a bride all over again. If you are engaged or hoping to be soon I would highly suggest scheduling an appointment at Belle Vogue Bridal!

Belle Vogue address: 8135 Lenexa Dr. • Overland Park, KS 66214

Phone Number: 913-317-8981

Hours: Tuesday - Thursday: 11:00am-7:00pm • Friday & Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm • Sunday & Monday: Closed

Schedule an appointment online here

My Wedding Dress!


The Try On Session

This one was my favorite

This one was my favorite



the back

the back

the best princess dress

the best princess dress

a more simple style

a more simple style

the same dress with a belt added

the same dress with a belt added

and the back of the dress

and the back of the dress

next up. a dress with pockets! loved the modern look of this one

next up. a dress with pockets! loved the modern look of this one

added a sparkle veil and its just so gorgeous!

added a sparkle veil and its just so gorgeous!

loved the skirt on this one.

loved the skirt on this one.

next up and off the shoulder moment

next up and off the shoulder moment

up close. I really loved this one too

up close. I really loved this one too

and the back. It was stunning and pictures honestly don’t do it justice

and the back. It was stunning and pictures honestly don’t do it justice

this one was really fun. you can get two looks with this dress. it has removable sleeves! see below

this one was really fun. you can get two looks with this dress. it has removable sleeves! see below

and with the sleeves! so different and gorgeous

and with the sleeves! so different and gorgeous

up close of the back with the sleeves on

up close of the back with the sleeves on

and the full view of the back! love this one so much

and the full view of the back! love this one so much

another really versatile option. here is this dress on its own and ill show you it with two different overskirts as well! love the mock neck

another really versatile option. here is this dress on its own and ill show you it with two different overskirts as well! love the mock neck

overskirt number 1. very classic and formal

overskirt number 1. very classic and formal

and overskirt number 2. this one actually had small sparkles in the skirt and it was my personal favorite

and overskirt number 2. this one actually had small sparkles in the skirt and it was my personal favorite

and a close up of the sparkle overskirt!

and a close up of the sparkle overskirt!

The Show Room


And that wraps up the try on session and tour of the Belle Vogue store! I hope this was helpful for my KC Brides and future brides. Feel free to share this post with your friends, family, anyone you know that may be getting married soon! If you want pricing or info on any of the dresses feel free to call Belle Vogue or schedule an appointment and you can show them these pictures and they can help you out. They are so friendly and accommodating and I had the best experience.

Here are links to all of the dresses from the try on session shown above:

Dress 1

Dress 2

Dress 3

Dress 4

Dress 5

Dress 6

Dress 7

Dress 8


*This post was in collaboration with Belle Vogue Bridal but all thoughts and opinions are my own



Sephora Holiday Sale

The Sephora Holiday sale is here! Listing the important dates below and my picks for the sale! Its a great time to start picking up Holiday gifts and to stock up on your favorites. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you are picking up!

ROUGE BONUS WEEKEND: 11/2-11/5 20% off purchase with code: ROUGEBONUS

VIB ACCESS : 11/9-11/12 20% off purchase with code: VIBBONUS

ALL BEAUTY INSIDER ACCESS: 11/16-11/19 15% off purchase with code: BIBONUS



The Best Natural Deodorant

Hi Friends!

If you have been following me for a little bit you know how much I love and support Native Deodorant. Two big reasons I love it: 1. It’s free of all the chemicals that we don’t necessarily want in our bodies and 2. It works! I have tried several other natural deodorants that still left me smelly, so when I found one that actually worked I have stuck to it and never looked back! My husband actually uses Native too and he loves it. His whole life he has had issues with normal deodorant irritating his sensitive skin. I recently switched him over to Native and he has had zero issues since switching and the health of his skin has significantly improved (this is 100% a real story I promise lol). If you are new to Native my number 1 recommendation would be to start off with the Coconut Vanilla scent! It is my favorite. If you have more sensitive skin I would try the coconut vanilla sensitive formula. Something I recently picked up is their seasonal fall sample pack! You get 3 sticks in the sample pack and end up actually saving about 17%. The fall sample pack includes Lilac & White Tea, Orange & Honeysuckle, and Lemon Zest & Pomegranate. They smell so good. There is also a Pumpkin Spice Latte scent I’ve had my eye on. These deodorants are free of aluminum, parabens, and sulfates and they also never test on animals!

If you want to test out this deodorant for yourself you can use the code “shelby10” at check out and get 10% off of your order! They also always offer free shipping.

This post was in collaboration with Native, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.




Cozy Fall Items

Sharing 20 of my favorite cozy items for fall! I have been in such a fall mood this week and wearing all of my soft sweaters and lighting every fall candle I own. Fall outfits are some of my favorites but fall COZY outfits are even better. :) Let’s be honest… on a weekend of running errands I’m rarely wearing jeans or a real bra… so these items are more my speed! Anything from Aerie use the code “HECKYES” at checkout for an additional 25% off!



ShopBop Sale

ShopBop is having an awesome sale! Use code STOCKUP18 to get 25% off all of the items below. Lots of items to add to your fall wardrobe. Just click the photos below to shop the items.



My Current Skincare Routine

It has been a little while since I have shared an updated skincare routine and with the seasons about the change I thought right now would be the perfect time to share! As you can see below I kind of have a favorite brand. I do mix in a couple of other items from other brands but I normally stick with SkinCeuticals for the most part. The research and science behind this brand is like no other. The medspa I go to sells this as well as my esthetician. Professionals back this brand too! The high quality and highly effective ingredients show results like no other brand that I have used. AND NO THIS ISN'T SPONSORED :). Just keeping it real with you guys. I hate to see people wasting money on products that they are not going to results from in the long term, so I'm here to help! I will start with my morning routine and talk about each product and why I use it. Lets get into it. 

First I cleanse my skin in the morning. Below are a couple of options I have been using recently. I like to use a scrub in the morning to get my skin prepared for make up for work. Below are two that I love! 

The SkinCeuticals cleanser is great for acne prone skin. The Avene' scrub is great for sensitive skin. 

Next I tone my skin. I love this toner. Its not drying and balances out your skin and preps it for your next products. 

Next I use a Vitamin C serum. THIS IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE. If you aren't using a Vitamin C serum now here are a couple of reasons you should start: 

-It produces collagen so it firms your skin and reduces wrinkles 

-It makes your sunscreen more effective 

-Improves the texture of your skin and makes it more smooth

-It prevents and fades dark spots 

-Helps protect your skin from pollution and free radical damage 

This specific serum is amazing. It is great for acne prone skin and does all of the above things. I have seen SUCH an improvement in my skin since adding this into my regimen. The gel is great for oily skin, but both show the same results! 

Next is eye cream! I love this one for daytime. Its lightweight but provides great moisture to the under eyes and makes your concealer go on smoothly. 


After that I use my SPF. This SPF is the first I've tried that does not break me out. This particular one is for acne prone skin and I love it.  SPF is very important, even in the fall and winter! Don't skip this step. 


And last I add a lightweight moisturizer on top! 


First you need to remove your make up! This step is so important. Your cleanser can't do its job when there is a layer of make up between the cleanser and your skin. So first use a cleanser to remove your make up or a make up remover towel. Here are some cleansers I like to remove my make up with as well as the towel I love to use. 

Next I go in with another cleanser (this is called double cleansing) and I use the same ones I use in the morning! It is very important to make sure all of the make up from the day is off your skin! 

Next I tone my skin again just like I do in the morning. I am going to link the cotton pads that are a GAME CHANGER below. I know it sounds dumb to pay extra money for cotton pads but just trust me on this one. 

Next I got in with my night time serums. First I put my Mandelic serum on my t-zone area where I am prone to break outs. (I havent been able to find this online, but I get mine from my esthetician Rachel Naster)

Benefits of Mandelic Serum: 

- Great for inflamed acne 

- Helps with hyper-pigmentation

- Gentle enough for sensitive skin  

Next I use my Hylauronic Acid serum. This is for that extra hydration. Great for plumping the skin. 

3 times a week I use a Retin-A. 

Benefits of Retin-A

-Increases/ speeds up cell turn over (which means you are getting new skin cells faster, new skin cells = younger looking skin) 

-Helps with the texture of the skin. Smoother, younger looking skin (and not the mention the GLOW it gives)

-Its great for acne 

I actually get my Retin-A from my doctor but I've linked some awesome options below!

Next is eye cream. I love this option for night time. Its a little heavier than the one I use during the day but is helpful for my dry under eyes (honestly I'm a little extra for having two eye creams and its 100% not necessary to have two, one is perfectly fine) 

Last I use my moisturizer and some lip treatments! I've linked some of my favorites below. 

Here I am going to link some of my favorite masks. I try to mask once a week at least! Some of these are for acne and some are for redness and calming the skin and some are for extra moisture. I love all of these and switch them out during the week depending on what issue my skin is having at the moment. And the spray I linked below is AMAZING to use at the end of your whole routine! 

Below I am linking some tools I use in my skincare routine. I use a jade roller for puffiness and lymphatic drainage, an Ice roller for inflamed acne and puffiness/redness. I also use a steamer to really open up my pores and clean them out. I will use the steamer after my face is totally clean and before all of my serums! Steaming is a game changer! I steam my face probably once or twice a week and I jade roll/ ice roll a couple of times a week as well. I will usually jade roll or ice roll once I have my serums on before my moisturizer. I also have an attachment for my Clarisonic that is for facial massage! (I don't recommend clarisonics for cleansing because of the bacteria it can accumulate but I do love using mine for facial massage) 

SO much information but I truly hope this is helpful! My routine is changing all the time because I love trying new things and trying to find the best products for you all but I am loving all of these products I am using right now! A lot of these are staples in my routine and will be for a long time! Let me know your favorite products below. 




My NBR Hair Extension Experience

Hey friends! 

Thanks for stopping by today. I wanted to create a post to answer ALL of your hair extension questions! I asked you all on Instagram to send me your questions so I am going to answer the most asked questions here. If you have additional questions after reading this post please leave your questions below in the comments. I was gifted these services but all opinions are my own. 


I went to The Glossary Salon and I see Leah! Leah is AWESOME and very qualified (she is a level 2 NBR stylist). I trust her fully when it comes to my hair. She also colored my hair if you are looking for someone awesome for hair color. 


NBR stands for Natural Beaded Rows. Directly from the NBR website (you can check it out here) "The hair extensions are placed in rows in the hair by creating a “track” with an exclusive bead and string technique. Wefts are then placed on the track and sewn in." There is absolutely no glue or head used in this method so the damage to your natural hair is very minimal. They do not slip and do not take long to get installed at all! 


I personally got extensions for volume and not necessarily length. I might go for length next time but for now I'm loving my shorter hair. I went in and got a consultation with Leah first. We talked about what I wanted to achieve and she consulted me on what would be best for my hair. This took about 30 minutes. I left feeling really comfortable with the process and excited! My actual appointment didn't take long at all. Leah will custom dye your  extensions before your appointment so everything is ready to go. I only got one row of extensions and 6 wefts of hair. The entire process for me only took about an hour and a half. She blended the extensions with my own hair by having me stand up and she cut my hair to make it all look seamless. It does not hurt and they are surprisingly comfortable. The extensions feel a little tight for the first 48 hours but then they loosen up and you cant even tell you have them in. You can wash, brush and style your hair just as normal! And YES you can wear your hair up :). 


Everyone will be different in this category. I will depend on the length of the hair and how much hair you need. I only got one row of extensions and 6 wefts of hair. I got 18 in extensions and she cut them down to blend with my hair. The cost of the hair and the installation for me was around $600. Again this will vary greatly depending on the person and the amount of hair. You will find out the cost of everything after you have your consultation! 


A couple of things Leah recommends are a wet brush (which are amazing by the way, ill link one below), oil, shine spray, detangler/leave in conditioner, and a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. You can wash, dry and style your hair as normal but it is important to keep the extensions moisturized and to comb through them every morning and night. I went to the beach with my extensions and I followed all of Leah's recommendations and they did great! It is important to take care of your new hair so it lasts as long as possible. The hair should last between 4 and 6 months and you have to get them moved up as your hair grows every 8 weeks. 


I hope this was helpful! If you go see Leah for some extensions don't forget to mention my name!