Bar Cart Tips and Tricks

Hi friends! Today I'm sharing with you my progress on my bar cart in my living room and the tips and tricks I used when buying and organizing it. It's still a work in progress but I'm loving it so far. I did a lot of Pinterest researching before I went shopping, if you don't follow me on Pinterest you can here

 I'll share the guide I used while shopping for items to fill my bar cart. It can be overwhelming searching for these types of things, but having a list and a visual really helps. I will link similar things to what I have found. It won't be exact items since I got most of my things at Homegoods/TJ Maxx, but ill find things super similar! 


First you need a cart. Below are a few I think are cute! Mine isn't actually a "bar cart" but it works perfectly as one! The cabinets with the windows allow you to see in and its the perfect size. I got mine at Kirkland's several years ago. 


The list I used when shopping was the following: Pretty glassware, a tray, something living (my flowers are fake but same thing), Ice/Champagne bucket (I have one but it doesn't fit so I just put it out when I have people over and actually need to use it), Cocktail Shaker (still on the hunt), something unique (the adorable pineapple in my case, I linked a really cute elephant too), a decanter (still on the hunt), and interesting bottles (my husband already had these cute whiskey bottles, ill just display whatever we have at the time), a cute bowl for lemons and limes (still looking), I wanted to add something green so I grabbed a cute succulent! Other things I have seen suggested include art, I don't have room for an art piece but I think my wooden piece that is holding my moscow mule mugs works perfectly! Another thing that I've seen that is adorable is adding a letter board to your bar cart (I included one below), I already have a letter board in another part of my house so I didn't include it on my bar cart. See below for things that are similar to my items that I'm loving! 



Thanks so much for stopping by and I hoped this helped you if you are wanting to create you own bar cart!