My Current Skincare Routine

It has been a little while since I have shared an updated skincare routine and with the seasons about the change I thought right now would be the perfect time to share! As you can see below I kind of have a favorite brand. I do mix in a couple of other items from other brands but I normally stick with SkinCeuticals for the most part. The research and science behind this brand is like no other. The medspa I go to sells this as well as my esthetician. Professionals back this brand too! The high quality and highly effective ingredients show results like no other brand that I have used. AND NO THIS ISN'T SPONSORED :). Just keeping it real with you guys. I hate to see people wasting money on products that they are not going to results from in the long term, so I'm here to help! I will start with my morning routine and talk about each product and why I use it. Lets get into it. 

First I cleanse my skin in the morning. Below are a couple of options I have been using recently. I like to use a scrub in the morning to get my skin prepared for make up for work. Below are two that I love! 

The SkinCeuticals cleanser is great for acne prone skin. The Avene' scrub is great for sensitive skin. 

Next I tone my skin. I love this toner. Its not drying and balances out your skin and preps it for your next products. 

Next I use a Vitamin C serum. THIS IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE. If you aren't using a Vitamin C serum now here are a couple of reasons you should start: 

-It produces collagen so it firms your skin and reduces wrinkles 

-It makes your sunscreen more effective 

-Improves the texture of your skin and makes it more smooth

-It prevents and fades dark spots 

-Helps protect your skin from pollution and free radical damage 

This specific serum is amazing. It is great for acne prone skin and does all of the above things. I have seen SUCH an improvement in my skin since adding this into my regimen. The gel is great for oily skin, but both show the same results! 

Next is eye cream! I love this one for daytime. Its lightweight but provides great moisture to the under eyes and makes your concealer go on smoothly. 


After that I use my SPF. This SPF is the first I've tried that does not break me out. This particular one is for acne prone skin and I love it.  SPF is very important, even in the fall and winter! Don't skip this step. 


And last I add a lightweight moisturizer on top! 


First you need to remove your make up! This step is so important. Your cleanser can't do its job when there is a layer of make up between the cleanser and your skin. So first use a cleanser to remove your make up or a make up remover towel. Here are some cleansers I like to remove my make up with as well as the towel I love to use. 

Next I go in with another cleanser (this is called double cleansing) and I use the same ones I use in the morning! It is very important to make sure all of the make up from the day is off your skin! 

Next I tone my skin again just like I do in the morning. I am going to link the cotton pads that are a GAME CHANGER below. I know it sounds dumb to pay extra money for cotton pads but just trust me on this one. 

Next I got in with my night time serums. First I put my Mandelic serum on my t-zone area where I am prone to break outs. (I havent been able to find this online, but I get mine from my esthetician Rachel Naster)

Benefits of Mandelic Serum: 

- Great for inflamed acne 

- Helps with hyper-pigmentation

- Gentle enough for sensitive skin  

Next I use my Hylauronic Acid serum. This is for that extra hydration. Great for plumping the skin. 

3 times a week I use a Retin-A. 

Benefits of Retin-A

-Increases/ speeds up cell turn over (which means you are getting new skin cells faster, new skin cells = younger looking skin) 

-Helps with the texture of the skin. Smoother, younger looking skin (and not the mention the GLOW it gives)

-Its great for acne 

I actually get my Retin-A from my doctor but I've linked some awesome options below!

Next is eye cream. I love this option for night time. Its a little heavier than the one I use during the day but is helpful for my dry under eyes (honestly I'm a little extra for having two eye creams and its 100% not necessary to have two, one is perfectly fine) 

Last I use my moisturizer and some lip treatments! I've linked some of my favorites below. 

Here I am going to link some of my favorite masks. I try to mask once a week at least! Some of these are for acne and some are for redness and calming the skin and some are for extra moisture. I love all of these and switch them out during the week depending on what issue my skin is having at the moment. And the spray I linked below is AMAZING to use at the end of your whole routine! 

Below I am linking some tools I use in my skincare routine. I use a jade roller for puffiness and lymphatic drainage, an Ice roller for inflamed acne and puffiness/redness. I also use a steamer to really open up my pores and clean them out. I will use the steamer after my face is totally clean and before all of my serums! Steaming is a game changer! I steam my face probably once or twice a week and I jade roll/ ice roll a couple of times a week as well. I will usually jade roll or ice roll once I have my serums on before my moisturizer. I also have an attachment for my Clarisonic that is for facial massage! (I don't recommend clarisonics for cleansing because of the bacteria it can accumulate but I do love using mine for facial massage) 

SO much information but I truly hope this is helpful! My routine is changing all the time because I love trying new things and trying to find the best products for you all but I am loving all of these products I am using right now! A lot of these are staples in my routine and will be for a long time! Let me know your favorite products below.