Keratin Hair Treatment Experience

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I recently got a Keratin hair treatment at the Glossary Salon. I wanted to share this treatment and experience with you because I feel like this could help a lot of people. Keratin treatments help to smooth frizz and leave your hair sleek and beautiful. I have very curly, frizzy hair naturally so my hair dresser Leah suggested this treatment to help me better manage and control my frizz. I will take you through step by step so you know what to expect when getting a Keratin treatment at the Glossary.

What to expect

step 1- clarify the hair. They will wash your hair and make sure its super clean.

step 2- apply the product in small sections. They used a small brush and comb and combed the product through my wet hair.

step 3- blow dry the product into your hair

step 4 - flat iron the product into hair in small sections

step 5 - rewash and blow out

Then you are done! And you walk out with super smooth sleek beautiful hair. Glossary Salons Keratin treatment is different because you do not have to wait 48 hours to get your hair wet again like most Keratin treatments. You leave with the finished product and you have easy frizz free, easy to maintain hair. Your hair will stay smooth and sleek from this treatment for 4-6 months after the application. I will continue to get this treatment at least twice a year. It is so much easier to blow dry and style my hair.


allow 2-3 hours for this treatment. The time will vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair.


$275 at the Glossary Salon

If you want to try out a Keratin Treatment at the Glossary you can mention my name and you will get a free shampoo and conditioner. What a great time to treat yourself to smooth, frizz free hair for the Holidays :). I hope this was helpful!

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Clarifying process

Clarifying process

the solution and brush they use

the solution and brush they use

they section off the hair to make sure the solution coats all of the hair

they section off the hair to make sure the solution coats all of the hair

Very Thankful for Leah and her team!

Very Thankful for Leah and her team!